While I’m writing these lines, I should really be writing my novel. I don’t really feel like doing either, but sometimes things just have to be done. So I guess I’ll write a short post (that no one will read anyway) and then shift my attention to a fictional world. Go team Tomc!

I figured out I have too many roles. Some of them I don’t want to put aside. Being a father and a boyfriend (such a funny word when you’re almost 40) is a true blessing. Being a writer is a cool job. You know what’s even cooler? Having your own publishing house. So I started one. But we can’t (not yet) live from my writing or publishing so I have a day job that materializes currency on my bank account. That compensates the fact that it takes more than a third of my day. One of the remaining thirds I spend in a semi-conscious state called sleep. That leaves me eight hours to be the best father to my son, the best boyfriend to the woman I love, to write as much as I can, to manage three web sites, two Facebook pages, two Twitter profiles, and run a publishing house.

Maybe you don’t need more time but a better system. I agree. Everything mentioned above can be done. The point is I don’t want it all. Not any more. If I had to pick three, I’d be a father, a boyfriend (sounds even funnier when you say it out loud), and a writer. Hey, but you already have all of that! True, but currently the writing is more of a hobby. I want it to be the main source of my income.

People say I’m a dreamer. Yes I am. Always have been. And you know what? Dreamers find a way. A decade ago people thought I’ve lost it. Most of them even thought that I’m never going to recover. Yet here I am today with so many roles and so little time. That’s what dreams do to you. They hide and wait and at the right time they come true.

Never stop dreaming.
Never stop believing in yourself.
Never listen to other people’s advice.

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