It’s been nine days since 720 Heartbeats went live on Amazon. The sales are going slow. I feel just like I did when I published my first book in 2010. With one big difference. I realize now that selling your first book is hard work. Especially on global market.

Do I have a plan? Of course I have one. I have to make myself and my novel as visible as possible. I already did a couple of interviews (you can find one here and the other one here). I contacted book bloggers (and got some pozitive feedback, yay!). I run Amazon ads and FB ads. I’m doing my best to give this book the attention it deserves.

I try not to panic. I know that it’s going to be a long run and that’s fine by me. Having long-term sales is a lot better that reaching a one-day peak, then let your book plummet down like a meteor.

I may never have a bestseller on Amazon or in NY Times. So what. I write to entertain people. I write to let off steam. Although writing books is a better therapy for me than selling them, I try to enjoy both. It’s life. One day you’re struggling to sell a book a week, the next day you’re loosing count. It may happen tomorrow, or in a year, or never. So it’s best to relax and enjoy the ride. Good things come to those who wait.

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