I’m a huge fan of science fiction. I read all kinds of books, but SF is my no.1 genre. In the near future I will probably write my own SF novel and I’ve already included some elements (parallel universes) in my book 720 Heartbeats that will be out on March 21, 2018 on Amazon.

But this post isn’t about me. It’s about my favorite science fiction books. Here they are …

1. Childhood’s End – Arthur C. Clarke

I read this book 10 years ago (or maybe it was 15?) and it’s still on the top of my list. It’s visionary and the ending blew me away (as it should in every good book). And yes, it has aliens 🙂

2. Sleeping Giants (Themis Files series) – Sylvain Neuvel

I knew nothing about this book when I bought it in a bookstore in Ljubljana, Slovenia. And boy did it take me on a wild ride! I just couldn’t put it down. The storyline is unique (it runs through interviews). I can’t wait for the last (Only Human) book in the series!

3. I, Robot – Isaac Asimov

If you have only seen the movie, you’re missing a lot. This is another book I’ve read 10 or more years ago and recently I bought another copy of it (I lent the former and it didn’t come back). Another visionary book of a very possible future as robotics is making big steps towards autonomous robots.

4. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – Philip K. Dick

Again, don’t think that if you’ve seen Blade Runner that you don’t have to read this book. It’s a must read for all sci-fi fans! It goes so much deeper than the movie(s).

5. Ready Player One – Ernest Cline

An epic tale of a quest to find a treasure in the virtual world. It took me back to my childhood. And I wasn’t even a gamer. Absolutely deserves to have a movie (and a legendary director).

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